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Our mission is to protect and promote our clients' intellectual property assets, rights, and economic interests by developing a strong legal strategy and providing comprehensive advice. 

We advise clients from a wide range of fields including , entertainment, publicity, animation, new media, information technology, content providers, advertising, publishing, hi-tech, and other industries involving intellectual property assets.

Customers contacting our firm receive personal and dedicated attention in line with our values: uncompromising professionalism, integrity, efficiency, accessibility, dynamism, vibrancy, and focus.

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Hagit is the owner of Peled Henig Law Firm – an Intellectual Property firm which expertise in a full breadth of services including trademarks, copyrights, designs, entertainment law, new media law, and patents. 

She has been practicing intellectual property law since 2005, and holds a master degree in Law and Technology from Haifa University. 

Hagit has acquired a background in communication, business and copyright during her teenage years working in TV productions, public relation firm and during her military service at the IDF's Spokesman unit.

Her Firm offers legal services to companies, business owners, entrepreneurs, producers, artists and authors, and advising other advocates in intellectual property matters.

Hagit is a certified mediator and arbitrator, certified accessibility coordinator, an experienced academic lecturer and is currently serving as a chairman of the mational IP committee in the Israeli Bar Association. 

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